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IFBI has been the chosen provider by both the United Nations Programmes (UNDP) and by the United States POS Embassy
to provide forensic accounting training for State Investigators and Law Enforcement Officers!


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Register today for our prestigious, globally valued & accredited EduQual U.K. Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection 1-Yr Program where graduates are trained to become Forensic Accounting Professionals! 


Program begins  Sat 28th September 2024 . 

Early Registration is recommended!

New Academic Year begins 28th September 2024
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All Classes Online
Study from any Place & any Country!

IFBI Qualifications accredited & issued
by EduQual U.K.
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Deadline to Register    Fri 06 September 2024 
There will be a small intake for March 2024-Register now
IFBI Programs
  • Certified Forensic Accounting  1-Yr Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6) 

  • Forensic Accounting Postgraduate Diploma (Master's Level 7)

  • CSI Forensic Science  AdDip L5 1Yr 

  • Criminal Justice, Forensic Science & Security Management  G Dip L6

  • Risk Management & Compliance 

  • Accountant Professional  G Dip L6

  • Auditor Professional Grad Dip L6

  • Business Management MBA Lev 7

  • Doctoral Diploma PhD Level 8

  • Workshops & Certificate Programs

  • Law Enforcement Specialist Program

Professional Services
  • Forensic Document Examination

  • Forensic Auditing Investigations

  • Risk & Compliance 

  • Compliance Auditing



Certified Forensic Accounting

& Fraud Detection !-Yr

Graduate Diploma Deg Level 6


Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection

Master's Level 7


CSI Forensic Science 1-Yr

Advanced Diploma

Associate Deg Level 5

Military Surveillance Officer Working on

Criminal Justice, Forensic Science

& Security Management 1-Yr

Graduate Diploma Deg Level 6

Accounting 4.jpg

Financial Accountant
Professional !-Yr
Graduate Diploma Deg Level 6

Audit 2.jpg

Professional Internal Auditor 1Yr
Graduate Diploma Degree Level 6



Risk Management & Compliance Professional 1-Yr

Graduate Diploma Deg Level 6

business video-conference1.jpg

Business Management & Leadership 

Post Graduate Diploma 1-Yr

Master's MBA Level 7

Law enforcement 5.jpg

Law Enforcement Specialist
Graduate Diploma Deg Level 6

In-house training1.jpg

IFBI Certificate  Programs
Forensic Accounting, Business,
Document Examination & Compliance

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Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examiner  8-months
Advanced Diploma (As Deg Level 5)

Business photoshoot

Doctoral Diploma PhD Level 8 in Business with a Forensic Accounting Option - 18 months


Workshop 1


Professional-Services 1.jpg

 Forensic Document Examination
Forensic Auditing, Compliance

Graduation Ceremony

IFBI's exciting range of Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma & Certificate level Programs 

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IFBI In-House Training
Specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization

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Enroll today for your program of choice and let your personal development & career dreams come true!

Registration is simple. Click on your program of choice, fill out the application form & submit. Once you are approved, make your payment and that's it. 


International Forensics & Business Institute (IFBI) - Caribbean Campus & Services is a premier global leader in forensic accounting and business programs and courses. We offer an exciting range of exclusive, quality programs in Certified Forensic Accounting, CSI Forensic Science, Financial Accounting, Auditing, Risk Management, Compliance, Business Management, Criminal Justice and Law. Our professional programs are offered at the Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6), Post-Graduate (Master's Level 7), Diploma (Associate Degree Level 5) and Certificate levels. All programs are delivered online making it easy and manageable to study from anywhere.

IFBI offers its unique, globally valued and highly prestigious Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6) and Post Graduate (Master's Level 7) programs in Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection where graduates are trained to become Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals and are able to conduct forensic accounting investigations and issue forensic reports.

IFBI is a fully accredited  EduQual U.K. Centre and a proud member of several other prestigious international organizations such as ASTM International and IACA, the benefits of which are all passed on to our students and client stakeholders. Program awards are issued by EduQual U.K. in collaboration with IFBI. EduQual is a highly rated U.K. awarding body regulated under SQA global accreditation. Our Caribbean Campus is   dedicated to students and clients in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and Internationally. 

IFBI also provides Professional Services in Forensic Document & Handwriting Examination, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Auditing, Risk and Compliance. We provide services in Anti-Money Laundering & CFT and we perform Compliance Audits and training . We also provide in-house training and consultancy in our specialty areas to all industry sectors.


If you are planning to study forensic accounting, forensic science, financial accounting, auditing, risk management, compliance, business management, criminal justice and law in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and Internationally then IFBI is the one for you!


If you are seeking services in forensic document examination, forensic accounting, forensic auditing, financial investigations, risk management, anti-money laundering compliance and audits, and handwriting examination in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and Internationally then look no further than IFBI!


All of our programs and services are delivered by highly qualified lecturers and professionals including court qualified experts, many with over fifteen years' experience. IFBI's specialization in the range of quality professional programs as opposed to only academic based programs ensures that IFBI graduates gain premier professional qualifications and enter or advance in the workplace with a high level of knowledge, skills and competence upon graduation! Join us today in one of our exciting programs or engage our team in our professional services!

 IFBI Accreditation & International Affiliations

IFBI is a fully Accredited EduQual U.K. Centre

EduQual LOGO 2018-png.png

EduQual is a U.K. awarding body under SQA Accreditation a globally recognized regulator

IFBI is a proud  member of ASTM International

astm logo orgmemblue.png

Our experts are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


IFBI also has designated faculty membership to the following bodies

Canadian Society of Forensic Science

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

International Association of Crime Analysts

California CPA Education Foundation

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Study at IFBI!

IFBI's Vision

IFBI is a premier global leader of
forensic & business education and expertise


Why not give your future and your career the boost it deserves? Enroll in one of IFBI's exciting professional programs today. Just choose the one that's right for you!

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