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IFBI EduQual Advanced Professional Diploma (EduQual Level 5)
in Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examination  

Become a trained Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examiner at IFBI today ! 

Classes begin 11th October 2023

Deadline to register 20th Sept 2023

All Classes Online

Study from Anywhere

Manageable, affordable classes and you complete in only 8 months

The U.S. Department of Labor has identified Forensic Accounting as one of the "hottest" fields!

U.S. News & World Report designated it as one of the "20 hot job tracks of the future!"

Receive your training from IFBI's actual court qualified practicing forensic experts !

This IFBI EduQual Program provides you with a unique opportunity to obtain an exciting and lucrative forensic counterfeit examination  qualifications!

IFBI Qualifications accredited & issued
by EduQual U.K.
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Course Description

This exciting IFBI program trains students to become qualified Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examiners. The program provides and develops the requisite knowledge, skills, and competency of graduates to perform as practicing forensic counterfeit examination specialists and to apply this in the corporate and business worlds.


This highly specialized forensic training program provides students with the expert knowledge, training and skills needed to conduct forensic counterfeit examinations and to be able to detect and report on all types of counterfeits. Participants will be taught all forensic methodologies and detection techniques employed in the detection of counterfeited documents which includes all types of identity documents such as passports and identification cards as well as currency notes, credit cards and altered & counterfeited documents of all types. Students will also be taught various aspects of counterfeit detection including detection of alterations and tampering. The program also provides training on writing forensic reports and providing expert testimony in court. 


The program is delivered completely online so students could study from any place and country and conveniently from their desktop or laptop computers, tablets or even their phones!

The program consists of six units and runs for one academic year (eight calendar months) divided into three semesters. The program conforms to the EduQual U.K. and RQF Level 5 (Associate Degree level) requirements. It also subscribes to the relevant ASTM International guidelines for forensic training. The units of the program provide the full range of modules in forensic counterfeit examination:  

  • Fundamentals of Forensic Counterfeit Examination

  • Role of the Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examiner

  • Production of Security Documents & Printing Identification

  • Examination & Detection of Counterfeits

  • Forensic Examination Techniques in Counterfeit Examination 

  • Evidence Handling & Law

  • Expert Testimony

  • Case Studies & Practical Examinations

  • Forensic Report Writing

Graduates of the program will also receive the IFBI EduQual Advanced Professional Diploma in Certified Counterfeit Examination (Associate Degree Level 5). IFBI is an EduQual U.K. Accredited Centre. EduQual U.K. is a regulated awarding body under globally recognized SQA Accreditation. IFBI is also a full member of ASTM International and the US based International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) all of which are included with your certification making your IFBI qualification a premier international award. 


The program is also delivered by IFBI’s court qualified lecturers and practicing forensic experts so students get both academic and real world experience and training. This IFBI qualification allows graduates to work in the industry, private or governmental, large or small or work as an independent consultant offering services to these industry sectors. 

Benefits-What You Get

Graduates of this highly sought after program will become trained and certified in forensic counterfeit detection. You will: 

Become a  Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examiner 

Obtain the EduQual U.K  Advanced Professional  Diploma in Certified Forensic Counterfeit Examination (Associate Degree

Level 5)

Become Certified in Forensic Counterfeit Examination by IFBI's court qualified Forensic Experts in keeping with international standards for forensic training.

In this way IFBI students receive the highest levels of forensic training and your work can be used at the highest levels of court acceptability standards upon graduation!

Obtain all of IFBI's international accreditation and affiliations with EduQual U.K., ASTM International, IACA, and other world bodies included with your certification making your qualification a premier global award 

Gain International professional memberships. Successful IFBI graduates will become members of the International Association of Crime Analysts, USA. 

Be allowed to use the prestigious forensic designation acronym:  AdDip CFCE. 

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Program Delivery

Classes for the 2024/25 Academic Year begin on Tue 8th October 2024. 
Start Date:

Tuesday 8th October 2024. 
Deadline to Register:

Deadline for registration & payment is Friday 6th September 2024. 
Lecture Day & Time:

Lectures will be delivered on Tuesdays. Time: 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Lecture modules will be provided via email and online to students during the week. Program concludes in May 2025.
Program Delivery:

Online. Lecture sessions, course modules and course assessments will all be administered online.
Student Online Requirements: Students are required to possess a good internet access, computer, tablet or phone device and a proper email contact address. 

Program Costs

Trinidad & Tobago  Students

Fees are payable in T&T dollars:
Program Fees : TT$ 6,000.00 per semester  (for 3 semesters) 
Registration Fee: TT$ 950.00         Examination Fee of only US$ 250.00 each for 2 papers is due in semester 3.
Affordable Payment plans are available:
Option 1: Students can pay the semester fee of TT$ 6,000.00 plus registration of TT$ 950.00 to begin and the other semester payments at the start of each new semester.  
Option 2: Students can pay half of the semester fee at TT$ 3000.00 plus registration of TT$ 950.00 to begin and the other half at TT$ 3000.00 at the middle of the semester.

Thereafter two equal payments of TT$3000.00 for each of the two remaining semesters. 
Bank payment information provided upon acceptance

Program Costs

Caribbean & International  Students

Fees are payable in U.S. dollars:
Program Fees : US$ 900.00 per semester  (for 3 semesters) 
Registration Fee: US$ 250.00         Examination Fee of only US$ 250.00 each for 2 papers is due in semester 3.
Affordable Payment plans are available:
Option 1: Students can pay the semester fee of US$ 900.00 plus registration of US$ 250.00 to begin and the other semester payments at the start of each new semester.  
Option 2: Students can pay half of the semester fee at US$ 450.00 plus registration of US$ 250.00 to begin and the other half at US$ 450.00 at the middle of the semester.

Thereafter two equal payments of US$450.00 for each of the two remaining semesters. 
Payment Methods information will be provided upon acceptance

Student Eligibility

To be eligible for the program students should possess any one of the following:


1. Four (4) CXC or Ordinary Level subjects or equivalent level of subjects

2. At least two years working experience in a related field  as listed in the categories below

3. Any suitable combination of professional qualifications, academic qualifications and working experience

4. Graduation from any two IFBI certificate programs. 


The program is open to a wide category of individuals in diverse areas: law enforcement & security personnel, judiciary & criminal justice system personnel, investigators, medical personnel, legal personnel, accounting personnel, auditing personnel, risk management & analysis, business management, financial management & analysis, managers, supervisors, directors, forensic personnel and students seeking a career path. The program is also open to governmental, statutory and private organizations.


The is open to anyone who wishes to become trained in or develop this new profession or anyone who wishes to add this exciting new field to their existing careers, job or advance their careers and futures! 

What our students & graduates say

“very exciting and interesting”;  "excellent program";

“I was promoted to the position of manager in my law enforcement job after completing this program ”;

“the forensic counterfeit detection training training is excellent”;   

“very happy that I was  able to obtain this level forensic counterfeit examination training and at the expert level”;  

"the modules cover all the areas I needed to develop my skill sets";

"very manageable and easy to follow";    “elated that I enrolled”; 

"very professional and experienced lecturers"; "great to get this training from actual practicing forensic experts“;

"I really enjoyed all the counterfeit practical applications in currency notes and credit card counterfeit forensic examinations";

“my organization has benefited tremendously”;

“excellent, comprehensive, valuable”;   “exceeded my expectations”;

“I should have enrolled long before”; "my career would not have advanced as much if i did not get this qualification";

" This course gave my criminal justice career a big advantage";

"excited that I enrolled for this wonderful program";

"I will be happy to recommend this program to everyone".

“a great investment to my future!”;

See More IFBI Student Testimonials

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To Apply
Registration is Simple

1. Complete the Online Application Form by clicking on the right for the form, filling out the form and clicking Submit at the end of the form.

   (Application forms can also be downloaded and emailed to us or you can also simply call us and your registration information will be taken over the phone).


2. IFBI will contact you via email or phone to let you know if your application has been approved (This takes one week or less) 


3. Once your application has been approved, make payment of program fees (either full or half first semester fees & registration fees).


    a. For Trinidad & Tobago students fees can be paid at any branch of Republic Bank Ltd or by Online Bank transfer. Account information will be provided once the application has been received & approved.


    b. For other Caribbean & International students payment methods and /or wire instructions will be provided once the application has been received & approved.


3. E-Mail to us at  or WhatsApp to phone 868-750-8905 a copy or photo of your payment receipt.


4. Once your payment has been confirmed by IFBI your enrollment and place in class will be confirmed.


Deadline for Registration & Payment is 6th September 2024 .

Early registration & payment is recommended!

Submit Your Online Application 
Advanced Diploma (Associate Degree Level 5) in Forensic Counterfeit Examination 

Become trained in one of the most exciting and lucrative,  professional fields with this IFBI forensic counterfeit examiner program. It is a great advantage to your future.  Enroll today!

IFBI is an Accredited EduQual U.K. Centre

EduQual LOGO 2018-png.png

EduQual is a U.K. awarding body under SQA Accreditation a globally recognized regulator

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