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Here's what our students & graduates have to say about our programs

IFBI Forensic Accounting Programs

After conducting my own research I found that the Graduate Diploma in Certified Forensic Accounting & Freud Detection !-Yr Programme conducted by the International Forensics & Business Institute to be the best programme available nationally and regionally for the following reasons:
•    Students are provided with all the required information in a clear and concise manner, which takes the hassle out of reading additional information and makes revision easy as you can carry around your manual practically anywhere;
•    The information provided emanates from some of the best and most reliable sources in the world such as the United States Secret Service, Bologna and Lindquist;
•    The lecturers are all highly qualified academics and are also court qualified experts who possess a great deal of practical experience, which helps to put the information provided in the proper context;
•    Guest lecturers provide additional information in their chosen fields such as Law and Fraud Investigations;
•    You get the opportunity to work with materials from actual fraud cases;
•    There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and to engage in vibrant discussions as students come from various backgrounds including law, accounting, policing, auditing and business;
•    The Institute’s website provides up-to-date information for students  regarding the programme and allows you the opportunity to pose questions and comments;
•    The administrative staff is professional, courteous and knowledgeable;
•    The payment option plan is convenient because it relieves you from the burden of having to provide all the money at the start of the programme;

I highly recommend this programme to persons looking to enhance their careers or even looking to start a new and exciting career.  This is certainly one of the best investments that I have made in my career and I have absolutely no regrets.  Laura E. R.- Graduate, Attorney at Law. Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist, GDip, CFAFD, PG Dip CFAFD, MFAFD.

IFBI is a breath of fresh air in relation to other tertiary level institutions. The attention to each student's individual needs, questions and concerns, coupled with the wealth of knowledge possessed by each lecturer, allowed for the smooth transfer of knowledge. The combination of academic learning, social engagement with like-minded individuals, as well as the sunny disposition of Professor Glenn Parmassar and other lecturers contributed to an overall great academic experience

Jabari D. Graduate, Banking Sector, Forensic Accounting Specialist, GDip FAFD, PGDip FAFD.

I have been doing courses with International Forensics and Business Institute since 2009 and I have found that they are one of the best forensic, business and investigative tertiary training institutes that I have been exposed to so far in my 26 years of law enforcement. The course materials are in-depth and comprehensive and the lecturers are knowledgeable and professionals in their field making them quite capable of giving guidance in practical ways to real life scenarios of forensic investigations.

I have no regrets in making the investment in my forensic education with IFBI and I don’t think anyone would have any regrets either.

Nigel P. - Graduate, Port Authority Professional, Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist, GDip CFAFD, PGDip CFAFD.

The IFBI EduQual Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6 ) program in Forensic Accounting was very relevant; with a direct structure. The content and details are second to none. It is an excellent program. Lecturers were knowledgeable and possessed excellent teaching skills. I really liked the practical investigations. I have certainly benefited from the knowledge & skills gained in this program and can definitely apply the training acquired. The online delivery and lectures were excellent. Didn't even realize it was over at the end.

Dexter P, Attorney at Law , Businessman, Student

I have been fortunate to complete both my Degree and Masters Level qualifications in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection at the International Forensics and Business Institute. My internationally recognized qualifications will no doubt produce endless opportunities for me to further my career in this field. The classes were ideal and all the instructors were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and they were always willing to take the time to provide additional assistance when needed. I was also fortunate to have Professor Glenn Parmassar, Forensic Expert as the main course instructor for these (and other experienced lecturers), whose knowledge and hands-on experience gave a window into the world of Fraud and Fraud detection that was priceless. Given these unusual times the Institute's easy online classes as well as the manageable examinations were great. IFBI maintains their high standards. I will continue to elevate my education and increase my intellectual diversity through other programmes offered by the International Forensics and Business Institute as they provide no less than the highest standards in their programmes.
Shanna M. -Graduate, Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. GDip CFAFD PGDp CFAFD, MFAFD.

This IFBI EduQual Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6 ) Program in Forensic Accounting was institutional in developing my critical and analytical skills. The modules were concise with pertinent information and well developed with all relevant information. This was an entirely new experience for me but proved very beneficial and enjoyable. The format was neat and chronological which made it easy to follow. The content was easy to understand and not overly complicated but relatable and applicable. The main course instructor enhanced my learning experience within this program. The professor was very helpful. He re- explained aspects of the program that students didn’t understand and sometimes engaged his class with humour. He was also very accommodating towards us. The other lectures were great and were able to engage the class thoroughly. They were friendly and very approachable; it was easy to ask them questions. The lectures were always interesting (I always looked forward to the classes to see what new I could learn). I enjoyed the group discussions and working on the case studies. My favorite module covered was the psychology of fraud. The course was very beneficial and the skills I have learnt in this program have also definitely improved knowledge and critical thinking

Amisha P- Student.

The IFBI EduQual Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6) program in Forensic Accounting  is an excellent program and it has expanded my horizon and my thinking. The course Instructor is an excellent tutor. Very helpful and always ensure everyone fully understands and always provides guidance- Great Instructor.  The other lecturers were precise and inspiring. The program modules were very interesting and it did not contain unnecessary information. I really enjoyed the Investigating and Identifying frauds  modules and the chain of custody & investigation processes.

This is a great program and I will definitely encourage others to enroll.
Amanda L. - Audit & Control Officer – Student

The Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6) program in Forensic Accounting is comprehensive and thorough. We were given a lot of material for the various areas. The Course Instructor ensured he gave all the students a chance to present their views.  He would usually give you feedback during and after students' presentations.  Mr. Parmassar would usually repeat pertinent points students need to be aware of at the different sessions.The guest lecturers were knowledgeable in their specialist areas.  The classes were interactive and sufficient notes and additional reading were always provided.

Michele P. Corporate Services Manager, Student

International Forensics & Business Institute - The gold standard in forensic & business training and expertise.

It is my privilege to be a graduate of IFBI. The content of the Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection programmes is intensive, relevant and so thought provoking that is changes your perspective. It increases your awareness of fraud indicators as well as your level of vigilance. Regular feedback from knowledgeable and experienced lecturers combined with interactive sessions in both physical and virtual classrooms greatly enhance the learning experience. The practical sessions engage students in developing transferable skills such as critical thinking, planning, organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
IFBI provides a unique professional learning experience to students that extend beyond certification which lasts for a lifetime. 

Lorraine B.P.- Graduate, Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist, GDip CFAFD, PGDip CFAFD

I successfully graduated in the IFBI EduQual Graduate Diploma in Forensic Accounting (Degree Level 6). Not having a financial background, I thought I would have problems grasping some of the concepts. That was short-lived. The lecturers, methodology and engagement surpassed my expectations. IFBI's lecturers and professional  administration were excellent and every effort was put into ensuring that the students understood the material presented. The use of case studies were apt and encouraged maximum engagement. The range of professions of the students further added to the energetic dynamics and viewpoints of the discussions. The knowledge gained and the concepts and principles can surely be used in whichever area of expertise we are in.


I would recommend this program for anyone in the field of, or aspiring to be, in finance, auditing or investigations.
Siddiqua M, Graduate, Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist, PGDipCFAFD

Excellent program delivery by the International Forensics & Business Institute's team, A very interesting field of study and a lot of practical knowledge was gained from this program. Commendable delivery by the course instructor & other course lecturers. They willingly shared their expert knowledge and real life experiences. The modules were very concise (no loads of unnecessary information as in other programs) and informative in nature. I have certainly benefited from the knowledge & skills gained in this program. I enjoyed the overall program, particularly the investigative aspect of the program. This program also definitively  expanded my thinking to view things from a different perspective

Denelle S.S. Customer Service Officer / Financial Institute

I would recommend this Post Graduate Diploma (Master's Level 7)  program to persons seeking qualification in this field. The Course Instructor & lecturers are very knowledgeable and experienced.  I could not ask for a better course instructor. The modules are extremely informative an easy to understand. The content is applicable to course of study, very informative. I really enjoyed the  real life examples from instructor and the short videos. The online delivery of course was very user friendly and most convenient for me.

Joseanne C, Manager, Corporate & Regulatory Reporting (Financial Institution)

I also want to commend International Forensics & Business Institute lecture and administrative staff. They were very professional, courteous and helpful and they even went out of their way to help us. They were always accessible. I was surprised that late at night or on weekends they would respond to our questions and issues. I never experienced this at some of the other places I studied. I am not computer savvy and on one of the occasions I had issues IFBI's representative stayed with me until i was able to solve my problem. I work in the public relations area  so i know good service when i see it and I have to say what a pleasure it was to interact with IFBI's personnel.

Nicole W.- Graduate.

IFBI Forensic & Business Programs

The CSI Forensic Science 1-Yr program was eye opening, Persons can benefit personally and with their careers. The instructor was very detailed, thorough and all modules were well delivered. The course is properly structured and the modules were all very clear and informative. I really enjoyed the Crime scene processing. My critical thinking  & professional outlook have definitely grown from this program. Thank you to IFBI for making a course like this available, convenient and easy to comprehend.
Nicole W. Investigator/ Estate Police 

The Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Security Management is a very impressive course. The program was very informative; the modules can even be applied to real life. My course instructor was very patient with his students, nothing every seemed too troublesome. The lecture modules were quite understandable and learning was easy. All topics of this course were enjoyable but I especially liked the criminal justice modules. My critical thinking and professional outlook have grown with this program and continue to still do so.
Cindy P.,  – TTDF , Graduate

This program opened my intellect and further heightened my interest in the field of Forensics. The main course instructor’s knowledge in the field is quite extensive and is displayed in his teaching style, discussions, and explanations.  All lecturers are quite knowledgeable in their fields and demonstrated their knowledge well. 
The program is well executed. The content in each module is well structured, detailed, and relevant. I was able to easily understand and cope with the subject materials covered.  I really enjoyed working on the case studies based on real life cases.  This program also improved my critical thinking skills and made me more detail oriented.  
The online delivery was very convenient and I did not have to worry about commuting to class.

Samara C. -  Accounts Clerk, Graduate, Student . Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist- GDip CFAFD 

The International Forensics & Business Institute's EduQual Post Graduate Diploma (MBA Level 7 ) Program in Business Management & Leadership was an unbelievable opportunity for me. I was impressed by the program itself, the cost and how manageable it was. I was finally able to get a post graduate business level qualification to boost my career and even to develop my own leadership and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. First of all, the cost of the program was the most affordable out there compared to the high cost of other similar programs. The second thing was that I completed in only 9 months. The third benefit was the program was quite manageable in content compared to the long hours and sleepless nights my colleagues have said they had endure doing other programs. The course  provided by IFBI was concise and contained all the important information needed to succeed in the program and to provide all the useful skills to apply. It did not contain tons of archaic, unnecessary content I've seen my other colleges have to study. IFBI's content is modern and cutting edge. The modules on successful business leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Bezos and others and their habits were an eye opener and a really enjoyable part of the program for me. The online delivery was also a great bonus because of my late work hours I was able to still take in my lectures. IFBI lecturers were also knowledgeable, helpful and great lecturers.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who whats to have an affordable and manageable Post Graduate MBA level qualification to enhance their promotion or career possibilities or develop their business and leadership  knowledge and skills.

Dave P., Corporate Manager, Graduate, PGDip BML

I enjoyed the CSI Forensic Science course and have learnt a lot on forensic investigations..  My instructor did a fantastic job presenting the material. He began by explaining what he was going to teach us, summarized it, and then went on to teach, using real-life examples.
The modules were professionally organized and delivered.  The online delivery of the program was excellent.

Strison A. , TTDF . Graduate

The Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Security Management is a very good program, and it gives students the much needed practical experience.  Lecturers were very knowledgeable in the different modules. The types, content & levels of detail on the modules covered and the modules themselves were very good.
I really liked the Criminal Justice module. The Online delivery of the program was very well put together. The program being online is very convenient for employed persons.  I would recommend the school to anyone looking to specialize in the different fields offered.

Colin I. - Student, TTDF

I will rate the Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Security Management program as a 5 out of 5 stars. The program was an eye-opener for me; it allowed me to use analytical abilities to approach different situations and circumstances.
The main instructor is knowledgeable in the field of study and was able to answer all questions put to him. He brought across the materials in a clear and concise manner so that they were easy to follow. The delivery of the materials and explanations were very interesting along with the videos shown. I can’ only say good things about the program. Because it was interactive, videos shown were appropriate to the lessons and examples used made it much easier to implement what was learnt.  It was simply very good!
My views on the types, content & levels of detail on the modules covered and the modules themselves were that they were exciting and very detailed. I really liked the Forensic Science modules which were an eye opener. I have certainly benefited from the knowledge & skills gained in this program and can definitely apply the training acquired. This is also not the first time that I was studying online but IFBI’s delivery online was exceptional.

Kino Q. - Coast Guard, Student

I was so elated for this International Forensics & Business Institute EduQual Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6) in Financial Accounting. I was finally able to obtain a degree level qualification in financial accounting and I did not have to pay the costs or spend three years doing a university program or the ACCA route. I have several friends to are trying to do the ACCA route and who have to keep repeating several times because it is so difficult to pass their exams. This IFBI program was so manageable that I could complete in only 9 months. The modules and lectures are so well structured and detailed and also easy to study and follow. They also provide the full range of knowledge and skills to function as a professional accountant. IFBI's cost was also incredibly low for such a program. The cost of their full qualification is less that just one year of an ACCA or university program- and those run 3 or 4 years. Their payment plans also made it easy for me financially.

IFBI's lecturers were also very knowledgeable and were always accessible and helpful in ensuring that all students succeed in the the program. I liked the online delivery as it made it quite easy to do the program and not have to worry about the hassle of driving or even the health worries of these times.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to acquire a degree level financial accounting qualification and to be able to function as an accounting professional.

Harry N- Accounting Professional - Graduate

The International Forensics & Business Institute's EduQual Professional Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6) in Internal Auditing is a great program. This program allowed me to finally get a degree level qualification in Auditing and allow me to practice  as an Internal Auditor. I had tried to get the CIMA qualification but found it was a very difficult program to complete- and that program did not even give me a degree level qualification as this IFBI EduQual program does. The cost of this program was also excellent. It was quite affordable and the payment plans made it quite easy to study for the qualification. The modules were also excellent and provided the full range of both knowledge and skills to practice as a professional internal auditor. They were relevant and to the point. IFBI's lecturers were also excellent and they were always courteous and helpful.The online delivery also worked really well and made it easy for me to do the classes and not to have to worry about traffic and commuting. The online delivery was also a huge advantage. Because IFBI's online system was also optimised for phone delivery there were times I was able to still take in the lectures with my headphones while travelling.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to improve on their internal auditing qualifications or even go into this field.

Alana M- Auditor, Graduate, GDip Audit

International Forensics & Business Institute - The gold standard in forensic & business training and expertise.

The International Forensics & Business Institute’s EduQual   Graduate Diploma (Degree Level 6) in Risk Management & Compliance is an unbelievably excellent program. It combines risk analysis, risk management and anti-money laundering into a great program and provided me with both the practical skills and knowledge in all these important areas. The modules were well designed covering all the important theory aspects and also provided excellent practical skills. I especially enjoyed the practical cases studies in AML compliance and risk management. IFBI’s lecturers were also quite knowledgeable and very helpful. They took time to explain everything in detail and in simple terms so all students could easily follow. I come from the financial services sector so I know how important this qualification is to have and what a high paying field it is. This qualification is a big boost to my career. It is also at a degree level so it is even at a higher level than the available traditional shorter programs in these disciplines.


I happily recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a professional in AML compliance and risk management or who wants to venture into an exciting and lucrative profession.

Devon R- AML Compliance Professional - Graduate

International Forensics & Business Institute - The gold standard in forensic & business training and expertise.

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